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We are committed to accelerating entrepreneurs career and business success.


Our vision is to develop highly skilled entrepreneurial leaders whose enterprises will develop their countries to a brighter sustainable future



We are a team of entrepreneurs, consultants, professors, and experts with a combined 25 years of expertise. We come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. We started SEA Ventures because we were dissatisfied with the shortcomings of many business centers which fail to develop the right attitudes and mindset in potential entrepreneurs. We take a different approach and develop an entrepreneurial mindset by focusing on the whole person to build winning capabilities such as self-determination, risk-taking, and creativity. This approach is important because over the past 20 years the education system has given us young people who are brimming with confidence and at the same time fearful of risk. The education system teaches youth to follow directions and get a reward instead of acting with the confidence and boldness that comes from doing what they truly love, taking small risks, and becoming successful. We focus on developing a winner’s mindset and teach the tools and skills to turn their visions into reality.


Entrepreneurs of all kind  


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Entrepreneurs of All Kind 

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SEA Ventures entrepreneurship programs are tailor made designed applying Participant
Centered Design. We use a practice approach applying hands on activities. Our program
offers full entrepreneurial learning journey from building the entrepreneurial mindset to starting up and scaling up. Our tailor-made designed entrepreneurship programs is one of its kind that has been developed by leading experts who attended leading educational programs base on methodologies and practices thought at world renowned institutions such as Babson
College, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A different Business Accelerator program where we focus on empowering and enabling the entrepreneur mindset, skills, and knowledge yet develop and accelerate their Startup in the same time. 

Working with other entrepreneurs under one roof has a huge impact in each entrepreneur. at SEA Ventures we we connect, work, inspire, motivate, mentor, and support our entrepreneurs. 

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